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Richmond Writer’s Circle

In Book 1, Writing on September 8, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Recently I read an article on Ideas Tap that listed the ten things a writer wanting to be published should be doing. I was doing them all except for one point in the middle. Share your work with other writers.

I googled writers groups in my area and found Richmond Writer’s Circle. They were having a meeting the following night and I jumped at the chance to contact the organiser.

On Wednesday night I was ready to leave and I was so nervous! I had enlisted a friend to come with me for moral support. My exact words to convince her were “what if there all weirdos?” I spent an agonising half hour trying to choose the right extract to bring with me. I even went as far to time them so that it wasn’t too long!

We arrived too early nipped to the pub for a bit of Dutch courage. I don’t know why I was so nervous. I speak and perform in front of people every day but there was something about this. It was the fact that I was reading my own work. It wasn’t a monologue I had learned it wasn’t a practiced class it was my creation and a piece of soul given form.

We entered the meeting as one of the first people there and took our seats quietly. I was asked if I would like to read and requested to go last. As the seats around me started to fill up I felt more relaxed. Everyone was the same, all writers, all creatives.

I sat through an hour and forty-five of wonderfully eclectic work. There were some short poems reminiscent of Blake and Dickinson. Some light hearted rhetorics and some passionate shorts. I was most intrigued by the novel extracts seeing as I was reading from the same medium.

There were three novels read, two science fiction and one thriller. They were all very original and tangible. I found myself closing my eyes and floating away to 1930’s Paris. Then almost falling off my seat on a far away planet gasping to know what happened next. I was then enthralled by descriptive and inventive narrative which sent me to the future!

Then came my turn. My hands were shaking and my paper was turning wet under my fingers. I began reading, trying very hard to relax and breath. After the first few lines they laughed, they actually laughed. My writing was reaching them and they were actually enjoying it.

I gained more confidence as I went on and sunk into the reading. When I finished I looked up expectantly I was met with smiling faces. Their feedback was great, I mentioned that I was having some trouble with the beginning and they suggested I use this scene as the beginning. A great suggestion!

They also really liked the mixture of humour and comedy. Some one called it a great cocktail, another said that vampires had been done to death but the humour was a new twist.

It was a wonderful experience and I will absolutely return next week. I felt honoured to be included in this fabulously eccentric and talented group of people.