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Script Frenzy

In Book 1 on April 12, 2012 at 10:23 am


Scene 1

There is a dark stage. A bed with an undressed dirty mattress is in the middle. There is empty bottles around the mattress. There is a chest of drawers on stage right. ‘Smack My Bitch Up (original mix) begins to play. From stage right a woman enters. She is confident and predatory. She wears provocative clothing and there is a tattoo on her arm. From stage left a young boy enters. He is about 19. They stand opposite for a moment. The woman is sexy, her legs are slightly open and she is smiling. The boy is weary. The musical changes and they run at each other. They embrace and begin to kiss passionately. The woman is in charge. She holds his head and takes control. She pushes him back roughly and he falls to the floor. He looks up at her.


I don’t even know your name

Eva: laughing

Shut up.

She walks to the mattress and lays with her legs slightly apart and smiles.


Well then?


Boy gets up an walks to her cautiously. He puts his hand out and touched her knee.


This isn’t right


That’s why I do it.

She pulls him on top of her and then turns him so that she is on top of him. The lights strobe and she rides him. A demon in black and yellow crawls out from under the bed and watches.The music plays loudly and the lights go out.

Scene 2

There is a stark clinical light on the bed. Eva wakes up suddenly and looks around. Her demeanor is changed she is uneasy, afraid and self conscious. She pulls the her dress down and looks at the boy. She is horrified. She tries to leave the bed quietly.


Leaving so soon?


Sorry. I didn’t want to wake you.

Boy: puts his hand on her inner thigh

You don’t have to go too soon. I don’t have lectures til ten.

Eva: disgusted, she removes his hand

How old are you?


I’ve already told you that. Why does it matter?


You look like my son.


I thought that’s why you liked me?

Eva get up to leave the boy pulls he arm back. She squeals and runs for the door. He is left on his own. Lights fade.