Karla Mouncey-Jaggers

Any Editors Out There?

In Book 1, Book 2 ; NaNoWriMo, The Olivia Everett Series, Writing on January 31, 2012 at 1:39 pm

I am finding the editing process so painfully boring!! I find myself dreading sitting down and going through the gramma and sentence structure. There are much more exciting ideas and stories out there. I have decided I would like to find an Editor. Someone I can pay to go over all the niggaly bits that I hate.

Can anyone recommend someone affordable? I would much rather go from someones recommendation than a random google search.

  1. My agent sifted through dozens and narrowed it down to three. Then I interviewed them by phone. I’m certian they all would have been fine, but I chose Dorrie O’Brien of Dallas, Texas. I have no regrets; she was excellent.

    Dr. Tom Bibey, author, “The Mandolin Case”

  2. My editor, Jenny Moore, is excellent and has worked with established authors. She is American, so I don’t know if you want someone British and therefore more familiar with the grammar rules there. Affordable? Hm. It can’t hurt to ask, right? If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you her contact info. oliviaboler@me.com

  3. Thank you for all your help guys! I think I do need an English editor though. My book is so full of slang and coloquilisms I’m not sure an American editor would be any good! I’ll stay on the hunt! X

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