Karla Mouncey-Jaggers

The Arch Vampire of London

In Book 1 on August 21, 2011 at 10:19 am

“Good evening beautiful” he said with a huge grin that showed off his fangs. He was wearing a cut off t-shirt with no sleeves. The shirt said ‘Iron Maiden: number of the beast” it had a grotesque skeleton holding a puppet of the devil, I marvelled at the irony. He looked like he had been poured into his faded black jeans. He could have been the sixth member of Iron Maiden with shorter hair.”

Born to his human life in 1311, son of a baker he came from humble beginnings in Old London. At the age of 35 on the year 1346 he was mugged, robbed and left dying in an alley. His maker Rosalind found him and took pity on him she turned him into a vampire. Rosalind was a terrible role model she left him after a few years to fend for himself.

Ben fought his way to the top, after he was accepted into the London vampires in 1450 he challenged and killed every superior vampire. He killed the previous arch vampire Jack in 1652. Ben owns and runs a heavy metal pub in Soho; “The Broken Cross”

(c) Karla Mouncey-Jaggers 2011


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